Friday, June 22, 2012

Salon Effects

Now I'm sure all of you ladies have heard of or seen Sally Hansen's Salon Effects, yes? I've always wanted to try them, they have such pretty patterns and look like they would work out great! But, they are pretty expensive, and I didn't want to spend ten bucks on something that I wasn't even sure was going to work. Now to all my bargain hunters out there, I'm sure you know where to find the great clearance deals in Target? I love checking those hidden little endcaps full of items on clearance, usually perfectly good and nothing wrong with them! For those that don't know what I'm talking about, try this the next time you shop at Target. Go to the endcaps of aisles that are furthest from the 'main' path of the store. Usually you can find a clearance shelf full of great deals!

I managed to find the Salon Effects for less than three dollars on one of those endcaps! All of them were the same pattern, I believe it's called 'checker out'. It wasn't my top choice of patterns, but I bought it because it was a great way to see if these things actually work before shelling out ten bucks for one.

And they do! It took some getting used to when it came to applying them. It comes with 16 strips of polish, a cuticle stick and a file with different textures for different uses. The instructions are really simple and easy to follow, it's actually keeping my hand steady that was the hardest thing!

It's been almost two days and they are holding up pretty well. I didn't have a regular top coat nail polish, but I did have 'hard as nails' nail strengthener. I applied one of coat that, and it seemed to kinda...melt the polish strip in a way, like it re-activated the polish almost before drying and I believe it helped it form to my nail. I've come to love them, and now I'm really excited to get the other patterns!

Have you ever used the Salon Effects? Which one and how did it work for you?

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