Monday, June 18, 2012

Fast Forward to Life

It's a shame how neglected I've let this blog become! But there has been so many things that have happened to me, I don't even know where to begin! I've got to start somewhere though, so here it goes!

  • Created a Commercial - When I took a video art class, I was chosen to create a commercial for the Imperial Symphony Orchestra that was due to show on local Brighthouse networks back in January. I loved it!
  • Crossed off some things from my bucket list!  Now this was one of the amazing things about my last semester of college. I  was comissioned to paint a 5ft by 8ft World War II mural. I took a German class and learned so much (unfortunately, I have very little ways to practice so I'm sure I'll forget it in another month!) I created a music video for a band called In Arcane Twilight. I'm sure there has been more I've done, I just need to really take a look at the list again.
(A still shot of the music video, it was stop-motion)
  • Graduated College! With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at that! It was bittersweet, and life afterwards has not been entirely peachy. It's two months later and I'm still looking for a job, despite daily searchings and applying to anything I believe I can handle. I'll keep everyone posted on what happens in the job department.
(Roo-roo and I getting ready for graduation!)
  • Preparing to Move Out - This has been one of the most stressful things I've been preparing for, moving out of my parent's house and officially living with my boyfriend and his roommate. I'm so lucky that he has been my rock through all of this, and he truly makes everything easier for me. If anyone has some good tips for us, please share!

Well, that sums up the major events that have happened/will happen in the near future. With so many things happening, I've felt like I've nearly lost my mind a couple times. For a long time, I didn't do anything even remotely creative after graduation for almost 2 months, and it really began to affect me. After looking on pinterest for some inspiration, I came across the idea of art journaling.  I got straight to work! My next post will be all about my process of making my homemade art journal/ "Smash" book!

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