Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Break At Last!

Who else is happy to say that they are finally on their winter break? If you're not a student, then cheers for the holiday season anyway!

I've had quite an absence from the blogging world since Halloween, so much has been going on it’s been crazy! Well, as for a few updates…I am working on some things on my bucket list, such as painting a mural! A friend and I are painting a mural of a WW2 scene for a woman who wants it for her son’s room. So far it’s turning out pretty nice, however it’s now been put on pause for winter break until we get back in January.

Some other updates include that I am making commercials for the Imperial Symphony Orchestra, I have already created one that will be airing in January. I should be making two others after that. I have applied for graduation, and this upcoming semester will be my very last semester before I graduate and enter the real world…Exciting, and terrifying at the same time, haha.

Roo-Roo got me an early Christmas present that I absolutely love, “The Big-Ass Book of Crafts” by Mark Montano. There are so many cool ideas in this book! Seriously, it’s amazing. Definitely expect to see some crafts from this book on my blog! Now that I have a few weeks of free time, I can finally do all the crafts and recipes I want to try!

Much love,

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