Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Lately I've become addicted to a website called 'Pinterest'. Although many people may have known about it for some time, it's still relatively new to me and has inspired a new creative spark in me. There's so many interesting things and possibilities on there! So, after a few days of drooling over cool crafts and recipes and such, I was itching to do something creative that didn't have to be school related. I decided I wanted to do something with what I could find outside. So, as my roommate (let's call her Roo-Roo) and I walked to a pumpkin patch today, I collected some leaves and such.

We found some great little pumpkins at the patch (they called them Wee-Be Littles, lol) and picked up some funky looking squash too. When we got back to the apartment with our pumpkins and my outdoor finds, I got out some supplies and got crafty!

First up was my little swan squash...thing. I added soome googly-eyes, and an acorn cap covered in glue then dipped in gold metallic powder, yet it still needed...something. So, I took some mini-bows I had (as I didn't really have any ribbon or fabric scraps) and sewed them together to wrap around it's 'neck'.

Then took a real swan feather and dusted it with the metallic gold powder, and glued it to the back for a tail.

After little swan squash was done, I moved onto a nature mobile that I made by threading some leaves onto a large stick I found. Turned out pretty cool, but I doubt it will look good for long as the leaves continue to turn brown...Oh well, enjoy it while it lasts, right?

(Does anyone actually know what those little pod/leaf/flower things are?)

Hopefully I can hang it up on a wall later. =)  With that finished, I went ahead and decorated one of my pumpkins into a pirate, complete with a paper eyepatch and plastic sword! Still have to decorate my other little pumpkin...

So everyone, how have you decorated or carved your pumpkins this year? Happy Halloween!

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