Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Hi everyone!

I decided to link up to Ramblings of a Suburban Mom with her 'Thursday Thoughts' and other weekly entries! What a great way to get me really motivated to update my blog entries.

So, my thoughts for today go as follows:

An example of the items in the large Sanrio character goodie bag.

  • My package from Kawaii Surprises Japan arrived in the USA as of yesterday, I am so excited! I got the large and small Sanrio Character Goods Goodie Bags and Apple Surprise Goodie Bag. I LOVE apple flavored candy, apple rings are my favorite and they are sooo hard to come by for me. Expect a review of this 'box' as soon as it's delivered!
  • I almost ordered from a different box, the Kawaii Box, which is more popular. But I'm glad I didn't, just a few days later a friend of mine posted on her Facebook that they stole her image off of her tumblr and posted it without her permission. She is Lolita, and had a super cute photo of her and some friends in their coordinates and Kawaii Box took the image, didn't give any credit towards any of the girls, and posted it with their advertising. I just double checked this morning and they have since removed the image, but I still find that shady. She is not in any way affiliated with them, and has never purchased anything from them either, so why would they use her image to advertise? Hmmm, shady shady.
  • Wiggles has started this thing for the past two days where she doesn't want to sleep, like...will lay in her crib and play or talk with random cries for 45 minutes before falling asleep for bedtime or even naptime. Is this normal?
  • I'm in dire need of a header at the very least, and I have an idea about how I want to do it. Downside? I can't find my camera battery charger! I know it's gotta be in this house somewhere, probably my studio...But if it's in my studio, wish me luck on finding it again! I have this interesting knack at losing things in there amongst the piles...

So, what are your thoughts for today? Anything interesting or good happen for you this week? Let me know!

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